Sandberg & Timonen talk about their mesmerizing video for Robyn/Royksopp’s “Say It”

Sandberg & Timonen‘s video for Robyn/Roksopp’s “Say it” is glitchy, mesmerizing, stylish.

After watching the video 9 times in a row, I realized I had to get in touch and ask them some questions.

Here’s how it went down…

Please introduce yourselves and describe what you spend most of your time doing.

We are an art directing/design company called S&T (Sandberg&Timonen).  Most of our time is spent working, working, working and working…

How did you get involved in the Robyn/Royksopp “Say it” video? What attracted you to the project?

We have a long history with Robyn, we designed her first album “Robyn” on her label Konichiwa Records.  We also did some music videos for her in the past.  She introduced us to the project.

The video for “Say it” is a perfect marriage of music and visual style.  How did the look of the video develop?

Our initial idea was to create a video from only short loops, rhythmic, hypnotic and simple.  We felt a need for an additional layer and started to discuss the ”glitch” concept.  All glitches are ”analog”, created with home-built equipment.  We collaborated together with editor/video artist Johan Söderberg to create the full  visual language.

The costumes are striking!  What’s the story behind those?

All costumes are developed and created from scratch, we collaborated with stylist Ellen Af Geijerstam and designer Patrik Söderberg.

Your business is a collaboration, and for this piece you collaborated with the photographer/director Kacper Kasprzyk.  What is your advice for creating a great collaboration?

Be open! Let the process guide you!

What’s next for you?  What can we look forward to seeing?

We are working on a catalogue for artist Carsten Höller, the new Röyksopp Album, our new issue of our magazine Livraison and a lot of other stuff.

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