Skills: Game Design

Echoplex (work in progress)

Echoplex is a first-person puzzle game, aimed at VR.

We are currently prototyping the game, and with a beta release planned for October 2016.

About the game

The Echoplex is a minimalist maze where you are pursued by “Echoes” – earlier versions of yourself.  If the Echoes catch up with you, you die.  But with a little ingenuity, you can also use the Echoes to solve puzzles and unlock doors.

Players can play or design levels, which are user-ranked and available online.

Below you can see work-in-progress screenshots that will give you a feel for the game’s aesthetic.






The Echo

In the video below we are testing the Echo – represented for now as an orb.  The Echo follows the player’s path through the maze, and you can see how it locks and unlocks doors.