What went wrong with Microsoft’s Tay AI experiment?

After being online for less than 24 hours, Microsoft’s AI Tay tweeted: “c u soon humans need sleep now so many conversations today thx”.

As I write this, she is still silent.

AIs don’t need sleep of course, so what is more likely is that Microsoft pulled the plug in a panic.

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“Preparation” takes Director’s Choice award at first ever IndieFlicks event

Here’s the inconvenient truth about film festivals: they are costly to enter.

You can pay up to $80 to submit your film to a big festival (which usually buys you a politely worded rejection email). For cash-strapped filmmakers, that’s pretty steep.

The IndieFlicks Festival in Manchester plans to change that.  The festival – in it’s first year – is free to enter, with monthly screenings at the über-cool co-working space Ziferblat. Continue Reading

Anxious by Nature: William Gibson on Cellphones, Star Wars & The Apocalypse

If William Gibson is so famous for predicting the future in his dystopian science-fiction novels, why are there no cellphones in his classic Neuromancer?

“I think if a 12-year-old were reading Neuromancer today, she’d get to page 20 and she’d go ‘Ok, the whole plot hinges around what happened to all the cellphones’,” says Gibson, then chuckles, I’m not prescient.”

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Capitol Couture on Tyron.tv

Capitol Couture: The Hunger Games creates an elaborate mash-up fashion site

At first glance, Capitol Couture looks like a new competitor to Vogue.   It’s a high-fashion magazine site with glossy cover features, designer profiles and sections for beauty and culture.

A closer look reveals that the website is actually an elaborate marketing exercise for the upcoming film from the Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay.

The project is interesting because it is a mashup of fictional and real world design.

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rino tagliafierro beauty tyron tv

Old Masters spring to life digitally in Rino Tagliafierro’s spell-binding “B E A U T Y”

Even 30 years ago, B E A U T Y would have been nothing short of supernatural.

Baroque paintings come elegantly to life, the subjects moving gently in their poses.  The delicate scenery expands into breath-taking dimension.

It’s as though you were standing inside the scene, or rather, inside the moment.

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Breath-taking beauty in Kirsty Mitchell’s “Gaia, The Birth of an End”

Kirsty Mitchell’s photography is breathtaking in it’s beauty, detail and scale.

Her latest work, “Gaia, The Birth of an End” is a testament to her pain-staking, handmade art direction, and eye for luscious color.

In an age where Photoshop has made everything easy, Kirsty stands out for her craft and patience.

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